By Jeff Alson

Over a century ago, Midwesterners created the automobile revolution that redesigned the global landscape and put a car in nearly every driveway. The Midwest is now uniquely positioned to reap massive economic benefits from the emerging transportation electrification revolution and demonstrate that electric vehicles are practical and…

By Shweta Arya, John D. Sykes, Rev. Dr. John C. Helt, Mary Alice McKeen, Anita Fête Crews, Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, Rev. Dr. Ambrose F. Carroll, Dr. Gerald Durley, Rev Dr. Brooks Berndt, Rev. Amy Brooks Paradise, Rev. Dr. Jeremy Rutledge, and Rev. Michael Malcom

Rev. Malcom is wearing a light gray suit and a black dress shirt and glasses. He has a cross necklace around his neck, and a white and black beard.
Reverend Michael Malcom is the Founder and Executive Director of The People’s Justice Council and…

Caring for our planet and…

The move on regenerative agriculture being presented at a hearing for the House Ag Committee represents an important new horizon.

By Finian Makepeace

When the new House Agriculture Committee meets on February 25th, the new Chairman, Congressman David Scott (GA), will begin his first Hearing, “Climate Change and the US Agriculture and Forestry Sectors” not with debate, but with a movie trailer for Kiss the Ground. The award winning documentary on regenerative agriculture…

The UN General Assembly must request an Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice

By Caleb Pollard, President of the Pacific Island Students Fighting Climate Change

Source: Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change

The world has marked five years since the Paris Agreement, which was meant to mark a turning point for dealing with the existential…

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